Scotland Season Tickets 2018/19

The SRU have been in touch with details of Scotland Season Tickets for next season (2018/2019).

Unfortunately they have decided that this will be the last year that supporters will be able to buy season tickets through the clubs. In addition they have limited the number of tickets that we can buy to match the number that we bought last season.

There will still be tickets ring-fenced for individual games and those will continue to earn commission for the club.

I will put details of prices up on the website over the next day or two. Orders for tickets will then need to be with me (with payment) by 15th May at the latest. Priority will be given to those who bought season tickets from the club last year. Any tickets not taken up and thus remaining in our allocation will then be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you did not buy a season ticket from us last year and want to maximise your chances of getting one this year, then you might want to head straight to the public sale (Wednesday 2nd May - 10:00 am) because I cannot guarantee to get you one this year if all of ours are taken up.

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