Scotland Test Tickets 2019-2020

We've now got details of the prices of tickets for the England and France Six Nations games for 2020 as well as the pre-World Cup warm up games.

If you would like to buy tickets for the warm up games against France (24th August), Georgia (8th September) or both then please use the following link to the SRU Ticket system ( Using that link will attach your purchase to the club account and will mean that we earn a small amount of commission on those sales. Your ticket purchases help to keep the lights on at the club, so please do remember to use this link each time you buy.

If you would like to request tickets for the England or France 2020 Six Nations games, then you'll also need to be registered with the SRU Ticket system and have an SRU Client Reference Number. You'll then need to head to the page at and click through to the relevant game page. Fill in the form there, print it out and send it on to the club together with payment.

At this stage there is no guarantee that you will get the tickets that you have requested but the club allocation is much more likely to net you tickets than any other route. This is just one of the many benefits of club membership.

Orders for Six Nations games must be submitted by Saturday 7th September.

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