The Penicuik Grace (in practice)

The following is a grace composed for Penicuik Rugby Club's 85th Anniversary Dinner. You can find the official version here, but this is the version as delivered at the original event. As for the official version, your attention is drawn to the licensing terms and conditions below the text.


Mindful as I am of the large number of mainstream and alternative belief - and non-belief - systems available to the modern consumer, I shall simply ask you all to please join me in giving thanks to whichever God is important to you at this moment in time...

For the opportunities, the camararderie and the sheer bloody enjoyment that you and I have had from sport in general and from rugby in particular

Let us pray for the sense to know that what goes on tour stays on tour and the wisdom to realise that that does not always mean that anything goes

Let us ask for the strength to make it through this evening's entertainment without soiling ourselves or otherwise damaging our hard-won public reputations and the courage to face tomorrow morning with fortitude and in defiance of the inevitable blinding headache.

And finally, since my father was in the trade, I shall call on the words of his favourite grace.

There's beer, there's meat. Good God, let's eat!


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