Penicuik Rugby Club Former Players Reunion Day

Join us on Saturday 4th November for a day of nostalgia and camaraderie

Calling all former Penicuik Rugby players!

Reunite with old mates, relive legendary moments, and create new memories at our exclusive reunion day.

Its a day dedicated to the players who made our club great!!

Event Highlights

  • Beer & Banter : Catch up with teammates over cold drinks and reminisce about the good ol’ days

  • Friendly Skills : Show off your skills and see if you still have it

  • Live Rugby : Watch both the current 1xv & 2xv in action

  • Delicious Food :Indulge in mouthwatering buffet from local vendors – because great rugby deserves great grub!

  • Prizes : Honor outstanding players and win exciting prizes in our raffle and try scorer competition

Event Details

  • Date : Saturday 4th November

  • Time : 1pm onwards

  • Venue : Penicuik Rugby Club

  • Dress Code : Rugby Jerseys, old team colours or your quirkiest rugby-themed attire

Don’t miss the chance to reconnect with teammates, coaches, and friends.  Lets celebrate the spirit of rugby and the bond that goes beyond the field.

Registration Below –

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Lets make this a reunion day a try to remember!

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