Penicuik Rugby Club – Codes of Conduct Coaches
♦ BeawareoftheClubChildProtectionpolicy.Ifyouhaveanyconcerns whatsoever about the policy or procedures then raise them immediately with the Club Child Protection Officer/Youth Convenor
♦ Childrenlearnbyexample–setagoodexampleforthemtofollowandgive them a role model that they can respect
♦ Begenerouswithpraisewhenitisdeserved.Alwaysseektoemphasisethe positive and to encourage
♦ Treatallchildrenequallyandensurethatallplayerscanparticipate
♦ Neverpressuriseachildtotrainorplayagainsttheirwill
♦ Understandthephysical,socialandpsychologicaldevelopmentofyoung players and make sure all activities are appropriate to the age, ability and experience of those taking part
♦ Promoterespectforopponents,matchofficials,opposingcoachesand spectators. Never criticise match officials during or after the match in front of players or spectators – always thank officials and if they have made any decisions which require clarification, discuss that privately with them afterwards
♦ EncourageyoungpeopletodevelopaFAIRPLAYethos–donottoleratefoul play, cheating, violence or bad language
♦ Keepwinningandlosinginperspective-encourageyoungplayerstobehave with dignity in all circumstances
♦ Neverbeafraidtoaskforhelporadvice.Nocoachknowsalltheanswersbut by pooling our resources and ideas we can improve ourselves for the benefit of the whole club
NOTE: This Code of Conduct is an extension of the more general Club Code of Conduct, copies of which can be found on the Club website and the main notice-board in the clubhouse.