Penicuik Rugby Club – Code of Conduct Parents/Spectators
♦ Do not force an unwilling youngster to participate
♦ Never ridicule or shout at children for making a mistake or losing
♦ Encourage all children to play by the Laws and rules of the game
♦ Remember that young people learn by example – set a good example for them to follow
♦ Respecttheroleanddecisionsofmatchofficials,before,duringandafterthe game.
♦ Recognise the value and importance of volunteer coaches and officials.They give their time and resources freely to provide recreational activities for your children
♦ Turndefeatintovictorybyhelpingyoungpeopletodevelopapositiveethic for self and team improvement
♦ Teachyoungpeoplethatplayingsportwithintherulesandtothebestof your ability is more important than winning or losing
♦ Recognise,encourageandapplaudgoodplayandsportsmanshipfromall players, both in your child’s team and their opponents’
♦ BeawareoftheClubChildProtectionPolicywhichwillbedisplayedonthe club notice board and on the website (
NOTE: This Code of Conduct is an extension of the more general Club Code of Conduct, copies of which can be found on the Club website and the main notice-board in the clubhouse.