Following the SRU decision to suspend all rugby activity from 6pm on 15th March, the club management committee have been considering the best actions to take to help reduce the spread of coronavirus. As a result of those deliberations, we have decided that the club will shut completely until such time as it is safe to permit social activities once more.

Since taking that decision earlier this afternoon, the position has been further confirmed by the latest guidance from the UK government.

To be absolutely clear, there will be no training activity and the club bar will not open on Friday or Saturday evenings. The club will not be available for any formal or informal gatherings. Whilst these are drastic measures, these are exceptional circumstances that we face and we must all play our part in reducing the impact of the pandemic. Whilst many of the younger, fitter members of society will probably only suffer moderate symptoms if they become infected, every new case increases the risk of spread to a more vulnerable individual. By reducing our social contacts (and following a comprehensive hand-washing protocol as a routine), we can do our bit to help contain the virus.

Rugby is the greatest team sport in the world, and we take these steps in that spirit as contributions to the greater team. Also, just because the physical club is closed off, it does not follow that the rugby community is closed. Please do stay in touch with us and with each other electronically via the Facebook groups, by phoning each other, by whatever means works for each of you. If anyone in our immediate or wider community needs help, then please make sure that word gets out. It is times like these that can bring out the best in everyone.