Penicuik Rugby


Annual membership runs from the start of August to the end of July for any given season. The fees are very affordable. See below for details of this year’s fantastic offers.

The new online membership payment system can be found at If you experience any difficulties in using the form or in organising the payments then please don’t hesitate to contact the Membership Secretary by email at For details of how we manage and use your Membership and Permissions Form data, please see the club’s Data Protection and Privacy Policy.

There is a discount of £10 on all memberships paid up by the end of September by using the code ‘EARLYBIRDPRFC’. We strongly encourage all members to make payment as soon as possible so as to maintain the club’s cash flow.

Benefits of Membership
You can see the details of the benefits that our members enjoy on this page.

Subscriptions for 2022/2023

Type of MembershipAnnual Cost
Full (Family)£80

Pay your membership before the 30th September and get your early bird discount of £10


Categories of Membership

Following the 2010 AGM, the categories of membership were reduced to Full, Junior and Patron. Full membership is open to anyone over the age of 18 (subject to approval by the Management Committee for non-players) and now confers Joint/Junior membership to a partner and dependent children resident at a single address (as part of a Family membership).

We recognise that these categories may not cover the full range of circumstances in which our potential members find themselves. Should you find yourself unable to fit comfortably into one of these categories, please discuss it either with the Membership Secretary or with a member of the Management Committee who have full discretion to make accommodations for individual memberships on a case-by-case basis.

Email for more details.