We now have (some) details of the Ticket Allocation process for the 2022 Scotland Men’s games against Wales, Ireland and Italy. If you want to get hold of tickets for any or all of these games please read the following carefully and act quickly where required.

We can now accept orders for tickets for the men’s Wales and Ireland games. These are available at a single price break for each game (£100 per ticket – no choice of sitting in the cheap seats, I’m afraid). If you would like to request tickets for these games please send an email to tickets@penicuikrugby.org letting us know how many you need and we’ll give you the bank account details so you can arrange a transfer of the appropriate funds. Orders and confirmed payments need to be in by Saturday 13th November at the latest.

Tickets for the Italy game are still not finalised. New Italian government rules require a name to be printed on every ticket so it is very likely that these tickets will need to be purchased directly from the FIR using a link that will be provided to us in the near future. That’s all the information that we have at the moment.