Penicuik Rugby v Penicuik Cricket

Penicuik Rugby v Penicuik Cricket

Bob Bain Memorial Trophy

Yesterday seen a thrilling showdown of contrasting sporting backgrounds, Kirkhill became the battleground for an epic clash between the cricket and rugby club.

On one side, we had the seasoned and skillful cricket club, comprising a team of dedicated players who had honed their cricketing prowess over the years.

On the other side, we had the formidable rugby club, a group of athletic warriors with limited cricket experience but an unyielding spirit.

As the sun rose and the ground filled with eager spectators, anticipation hung in the air. The cricket club, accustomed to the intricacies and nuances of the game, were eager to showcase their finesse, precision, and strategic gameplay.

Their batsmen, known for their textbook shots and elegant stroke play, were ready to dominate the pitch. The bowlers, armed with their arsenal of spin, pace, and accuracy, were poised to unleash their deadly deliveries

However, standing tall against this cricketing expertise was the rugby club, a team known for their raw power, resilience, and never-say-die attitude.

While their cricket skills were limited, their athletic prowess, physicality, and determination made them a force to be reckoned with. Their sheer strength and aggressive approach added an exciting twist to the game, as they relied on their instinctive reactions and brute force to challenge the cricket club’s dominance.

As the match got underway, The rugby club, refused to back down, the opening batsmen of Bagan and Malone relied on their sheer athleticism to make up for their lack of technical expertise.

With every swing of the bat and every stride on the pitch, they unleash their power, surprising the cricket club with their unconventional approach

the cricket club showcased their textbook cricketing skills, effortlessly maneuvering the ball around the field, executing precise shots, and accumulating runs with finesse.

The match became a captivating battle of adaptation and resilience. The cricket club’s precision and strategy were tested by the rugby club’s relentless aggression and brute force.

Spectators were treated to a spectacle of thrilling moments, as the rugby players defied expectations and delivered an unexpected performance.

Click for the opening Penicuik Wicket –

Penicuik Wicket!

The cricket club, on the other hand, employed their experience and composure to counter the rugby club’s onslaught, relying on their technical brilliance to maintain their dominance.

In the end, it was a clash that epitomizes the spirit of sportsmanship and the beauty of diversity in sports.

The cricket club’s expertise and cricketing finesse prevailed, but the rugby club’s valiant efforts and determination left a lasting impression.

Both teams walked away with newfound respect for each other’s sporting disciplines, and the spectators  left in awe of the contrasting skills and the exhilarating battle that unfolded on the cricket field

The clash of the cricket club and rugby club will forever be etched in the annals of sporting history, reminding us that true sportsmanship transcends boundaries and that every game has the power to unite and inspire.

Thanks to Penicuik Cricket Club for an amazing job of hosting the event and accommodating us.  Enjoy the Bob Bain Memorial Trophy resting in your trophy cabinet after a 29yr absence and hopefully we get a chance to win it back next summer.

Full gallery of events will be available shortly thanks to the epic photography skills of Bob Keith


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1xv play in East Region League Division 2

2xv play in East Region Reserve league Division 2

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