Penicuik Rugby


  1. Membership will continue for as long as the appropriate Annual subscription is paid.
  2. Subscriptions are set at each Annual General Meeting in June and become payable thereafter.
  3. Members who allow their membership to lapse by non-payment will lose their rights and benefits and may be required to re-apply.
  4. Existing members need to confirm/update their present contact details when paying their subscription, this is critical for players as it links into the SRU player registration system.
  5. New members applying for Full/Family Membership must be approved first by the Executive Committee as stated in the Club Constitution.
Right or benefitLifeFull or Joint (Family)PatronJunior (Under 18)
Right to attend and take part in events organised at or by Penicuik Rugby ClubXXXX
Right to enter and use the clubhouse and/or BarXXXX
Right to bring and sign in guestsXX
Right to play rugby for or coach rugby at Penicuik Rugby ClubXX X
Right to use the club changing rooms and equipment for rugby training purposesXX X
Right to use the gymXX 1 X 1
Access to merchandise and/or other club members offersXXXX
Right to apply for international ticketsXXX
Discount on bar purchases and other club discounts as/when introducedXX
Right to attend club AGM and EGMsXXX
Right to speak at club AGM and EGMsXX
Right to vote at club AGM and EGMsXX
Right to request the use of the clubhouse for private functions (subject to availability and approval from Executive committee and payment of deposit as required) N.B. Private functions are generally unavailable on Saturday evenings during the playing seasonXX
Right to attend rugby-relevant training courses (e.g. refereeing, coaching, First Aid etc.) on behalf of Penicuik Rugby Club (subject to approval from Rugby Committee and/or Executive Committee)XX 2 X 2
Access to physio (physio is for treatment of rugby injuries sustained from playing for or training with Penicuik Rugby Club)XX 3 X 3
Obligation to actively participate and assist in the running of the club when asked/when possibleXXXX


Note 1 – All gym users must be over 16 and suitably trained. Senior players take priority. U18s must be supervised by an appropriate adult.
Note 2 – Over 16s only.
Note 3 – Under 18s must discuss injuries with Youth Convenor before attending club physio. A parent/guardian must be in attendance during treatment.

Membership Form