Penicuik Rugby Club – Codes of Conduct Players
♦ Bepositive–alwaystrytomakethegamebetterforyourselfandyourteam
♦ PlaybytheLawsandrulesofthegame
♦ Respectallthereferee’sdecisionswithoutargument.Remember,“The referee is always right – particularly when he/she is wrong”
♦ Controlyourtemper–shoutingatteam-mates,opponents,orrefereesisnot acceptable
♦ Beagoodsport–Recognisegoodplaybyallplayersonyourteamandby your opponents
♦ Bethebestthatyoucanbe,tryyourhardestandnevergiveup–theaimof playing is to have fun, improve your skills and do your best
♦ Playbecauseyouwantto,notjusttopleaseyourcoachesorparents
♦ Recogniseandappreciatetheeffortsmadebycoaches,parentsandreferees
in providing the chance for you to play rugby
♦ Attheendofplay,alwaysthankyouropponentsandtherefereefortheir involvement
Win with humility – Lose with dignity
NOTE: This Code of Conduct is an extension of the more general Club Code of Conduct, copies of which can be found on the Club website and the main notice-board in the clubhouse.