🙏 A Huge Thank You to the Amazing Stewart’s Melville Medical Team! 🙌

We wanted to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude to the incredible medical team at Stewart’s Melville. Their dedication and expertise were truly outstanding!

This afternoon, one of our rugby players, Matty Randall, unfortunately suffered a serious injury the match. In that critical moment, the A&E doctor from Stewart’s Melville stepped in and provided exceptional care, specifically regarding Matty’s neck, until the paramedics arrived.

Their quick thinking, professionalism, and compassion were instrumental in ensuring Matty’s safety and well-being. We are immensely grateful for their expertise and the crucial role they played in helping Matty during this challenging time.

Please join us in extending a heartfelt thank you to the Stewart’s Melville medical team for their exceptional care and support. Their commitment to our rugby community is truly commendable and we feel incredibly fortunate to have such dedicated professionals on our side.

👏 Thank you, Stewart’s Melville Medical Team, for going above and beyond to keep our players safe and healthy! Your kindness and expertise make a significant difference. We are deeply grateful! 🏉💙”

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